A quiet flight home

Just landed. With forty minutes delay. It was my first time through Zaventem (Brussels airport) since the terrorist attacks. As I entered the airport yesterday, I did not see a change. The airport is as it used to be before. But today on my way home, probably my first time ever I went through two safety controls at the airport, one at the entrance door, the second – the standard one you take to get to the gates. As flight delays in Europe are today nothing unusual, I did not give it a thought as we were informed that we would start with a delay. Supposedly due to a minor problem with the aircraft. But already in my home town, while talking to a taxi driver, I realized that my home airport was closed for almost one hour. Somebody left something unattended. The standard procedure is now to evacuate and check for a bomb. Earlier today, I had to enter three different EU buildings in Brussels. All with security checkpoints. Somehow the security checks and the soldiers all around became a daily routine. You just have to have in mind to arrive a bit earlier at every place. 

The last 24 hours were well filled in. I landed in a foreign country. But although I crossed a national border still within the EU borders, nobody asked me for my ID (for that I love Europe). Then I checked in a nice hotel not far from the Schumann. Around nine pm went out to make some long exposures.


The famous European Commission building, the Berlaymont, in Brussels, at the Schumann. Yesterday evening.

Later in the evening, I watched an American series in French (or was it German? I love Europe for that, too). Slept well the night. All morning and the afternoon made the appointments from my itinerary. Before each, however, I spent some long minutes at security checkpoints. Grabbed a bite. I made some shots. I took the 12 bus to Zaventem. Later patiently spend three hours at the airport on queuing, walking miles (in Zaventem you walk much) and reading a book. Somewhere in between shopped some cosmetics. Happily, it was long but quiet 24 hours, and it was a quiet flight home. Under the circumstances, the security measures are understandable to me. But as I summed up my day, I realized I was stuck in queues at security checkpoints for ten percent of my daytime.  A real lesson in patience, understanding, and quiet. Just another day in the EU capital.


Rue de la Loi, a shot taken 50 m to the left from the upper one.

A quiet flight home