The Glamis castle, Scotland.

The first association of this place by anybody, who coped with obligatory stuff in international literature while at school, will be with Shakespeare and his prominent work ‘Macbeth’. Although the plot is rather fictional, there was indeed a king of Scots with the name of Duncan (or in Gaelic: Donnchad mac Crinain) and a king of Scots with the name Macbeth (in Gaelic: Mac Bethad mac Findlaích), who succeeded Duncan at the Scottish throne. King Duncan died however on a battlefield (in August 1040) and not like in the Shakespeare’s drama plot murdered in his sleep by his successor in the Glamis castle.

But in fact, there is a castle in Glamis that in past times before it was rebuild in XVII and XVIII centuries was a fortress worthy of kings. The castle was build in the late XIV century as the seat of the 1st Thane of Glamis, John Lyon, a nobleman of the French or Norman origin, who married a daughter of a Scottish king.

The castle replaced a hunting lodge. As king Duncan died in 1040, it was even not possible for him to ever visit the Glamis castle. But who cares. According to Shakespeare king Duncan was murdered by Macbeth, Thane of Glamis, while staying the night in the Glamis castle. Period.

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