Nine months ago, almost at the end of my first, and hope, not last Japan journey I was sitting on a warm lava rock somewhere in the greater Tokyo area and waiting for the mount Fuji to appear, summing up that what happened in the last days. It was a farewell. In less than 48 hours I was supposed to board an aircraft to Munich. I was watching people, locals and tourists, and my fellow photographers and thinking of the past two weeks.


Jogashima Park, located on an volcanic island at the Pacific coast. We went there to see the sunset while looking at the mountain Fuji.

The clouds covered the skies, so we did not see the mount Fuji at all. But who cares. It was a very soothing moment. I remember, I barely ate that day as we were on the constant run. Only grabbed a bite as we returned to the hotel. My company went to enjoy nightlife at Shinjuku. But I said ‘pass’. I was simply too tied. It turned out to be a good idea, as the next day while in Ginza some of our company felt badly, one even fainted. They had to return to the hotel to spend there the remainder of our time in Japan.


Tonight, I am sitting at home, and feel like that time on the warm lava rock. I try to recuperate the last five years of my life, and a great team of experts that I had a privilege to lead and manage during that time. Tomorrow I will say ‘pass’. I made up my decision and I hope during those short but long two weeks, I managed to prepare you for this change. My future well being is assured, but still the circumstances demand that I oppose, paying a price of abandoning you all. Just because some young, under experienced and power hungry know better. They call it ‘a good change’.


My dear friends, I told you that what I know, under pressure I was a demanding boss, but you grown up to a great team, mature and efficient in work, friends to each other. Today it is the edge of a farewell for me. But as far as you are concerned: keep the bond, help each other, relay on each other, and be for each other as you used to be for the last couple of years.

Thank you.