A delicious evening at Puerta del Sol

Spring just came to Madrid. Sunday evening people are in the streets, many at Puerta del Sol, the main city square.


Me, too. This time on my own. Went to grab a bite. As it was around eight, I asked around where to go to eat well at this hour. The most restaurants start the evening after nine. So I needed a place close to Puerta del Sol and open all day and evening. JMA_Madrid_003As I entered the recommended address I did not expect, that the restaurant may accommodate so many people I saw later on. I ordered beef medium (del torro of course) and a roasted potato, with a glass of red wine. For an aperitif I was brought some kind of sparkling wine and some snacks. As I came in, it was not too many people inside, but a around nine it was full, mainly with locals. It was a good sign.

My supper was great & delicious. The meat was a bit between rare and medium. I suppose there are a bit other standards about it in Spain than those I am accustomed to. And I have learned something else, too. As I was proposed a roasted potato (the conversation with the waiter was in English), I assumed I ordered something like potatoes cut and roasted. I was brought however one big sweet potato roasted in a foil, cut and filled with cream. It was a bit of a surprise, but I already learned not to assume too much when travelling. For the good bye I was brought a plain dessert and a small drink (free of charge).

Spanish food. Delicious Spanish stake and a sip of red wine.

It was a delicious evening at Puerta del Sol, Madrid.

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