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From a tourist perspective, Warsaw is one of those cities, where people enjoy free time rather than truly sightsee. You can find many interesting spots, like the Copernicus scientific centre or a number of museums, but you lack truly old architecture. The city was leveled off to the ground during the World World II. The vast majority of buildings is XX century reconstructions or new ones. Even the old city, including the royal castle (>>>) is a reconstruction.


Warsaw, a view onto the old city.

But the Warsaw city has many other attractions to offer, including restaurants serving traditional Polish cuisine as well as dishes from many other corners of the world. Clubbing is also widespread.

In the summer time the late afternoon and nightlife literally shifts to the Vistula banks. The most quarters, the city centre as well as the old city are located on the left bank. The city authorities invested quite much money into the infrastructure around the left bank that was modernised on the span of several miles. There are many clubs, discos, bars and food stands there. On some summer weekends the city nightlife fully shifts to this place. So if you see empty clubs in the central locations, think of moving close to the river. Then you will see the crowds and the party.

The right bank, contrary, was left in the natural state. Of course it is protected by flood embankments, but the banks in the natural state are supposed to accommodate water when it is that high that it can endanger the city. In the summer time when the water is low, the right bank converts into a real grilling zone. Fires are also allowed. (At high season, on no windy days, the smoke all around may be a a bit destructive).


Warsaw, evenings on the right bank of the Vistula river. You can see this location at the picture above, just below the national stadium

You can simply sit down on a blanket and enjoy your grilled dish. If not looking around you would not say you are in the centre of a city with two million inhabitants. But you are. 

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