Cheese and ham sandwich?

The single market made specialties originating in different parts in Europe easy available in other European countries. Still sometimes, while traveling in Europe, we taste food combinations that make one stop and wonder.

JMA_Museo_del_Jamon_02In all Western cultures, a ham and cheese sandwich is nothing unusual. What is more, Spanish ham and cheese that tastes sweeter than other sorts made in Europe are easily available around the corner. Sweet bakery products similar to French croissants are nothing unusual, as well. But this year in Spain, it was the first time for me to eat a combination of all those three in one in a kind of fast-food restaurant. Delicious. (on the photo: a croissant with Spanish ham and sweet cheese served in ‘Museo de Jamon’ in Madrid.)

Museo de Jamon. Madrid.

Museo de Jamon, a kind of Spanish fast-food restaurant, where you are served bakery with Spanish ham and/or cheese, and beer. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer is available from the tap. Photographed in the vicinity of Puerta del Sol in Madrid.


Cheese and ham sandwich?

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