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As the golden rule, I do not eat sweets. Somehow I manage to withstand. Only on rare occasions, it is ice cream or something else but only if I am truly in the mood.

JMA_the_dessertThis one (on the picture left) I tasted somewhere in Kyoto, Japan. As I can recall, the ice cream was a kind of a citrus sorbet with the green tea coating. But do not ask me what was the taste of the dark brown coating below. I simply do nor remember. But, the ice cream was quite OK.

Ice cream always helps when you are exhausted while traveling. A simple trick I have learned in Milan, Italy many but many years ago. It was hot. I was not not hungry but in the energy need. It was the first time I tried the very intense green pistachio nut ice cream. It was more that twenty years ago, but I still remember the gelateria … By the way, the trick with the ice cream while on travel works always.

However, while in Japan I tasted something special that even without a photo (I was too tired to think of taking a camera with me to out late dinner) I can still remember like in case of the pistachio ice cream in Milan. It was at our late dinner after we returned to the hotel from the long walk in the Kamikochi forest (>>>). I even do not remember the name of the city we stayed that night. But I remember the dessert. It was was tofu in honey-sesame sauce, very dense sauce. I caught myself many times at forgetting events in cases when I did not take a photo. Yes, the shots are our present-day remote memory. I think in today’s world it happens to many of us. But that one I still remember, although it was a bit over a year ago.

The tofu was served in a bowl, and it looked like a butter bar of 250 grams put into a brown dense sauce. No, it was not looking very appealing to me. The tofu as it usually is was tasteless. Nutritious as it is, but definitely tasteless. But as I took a slice after dipping it carefully in the sauce (that was very dense and very sweet, definitively too sweet), it tasted like heaven …

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