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The old port in the historic city of Gdansk located in Northern Poland at the Baltic sea (Spring 2015)

Gdansk is a city in Northern Poland located at the Baltic coast. It is a location of the biggest maritime port in Poland with almost 1000 years of the merchant tradition. The old port is no longer utilised for mercantile trade. The port operations simply moved closer to the sea. The historical town is partly overlapping with the old port. Both serve today as a tourist attraction. Much work has been done to renovate the historic city, including the channel banks of the old port. 

Because of its strategic location at the Baltic sea, history of Gdansk is quite complex. German merchants from Lübeck came to the city in the XIII century, and in consequence a century later the port joined officially the Hanseatic League. For some time the city was ruled by the Teutonic order (a German medieval military order). Therefore, sightseeing in the old parts of the city you can see quite much of German or Hanseatic influence.

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