Simon did it again

For the last eight years I am among those, who do not watch TV. Somehow I can live without a daily input. But there are times, I need to watch something new. I follow some shows on YouTube on a regular basis, watching them en bloc once a month or so. One of my routines, followed maybe two or three times in a year, is watching the golden buzzer performances from all over the world.

For those, who have no idea what I am writing of, who would be also most of the people I know, a golden buzzer is a way of sending a person, who audits the first time in a talent show to the final live shows, saving them the interim competitions. It is however not a golden rule that a golden buzzer performer wins the show.

With all the things people download or forward today on the internet, my review of that what interesting happened on talent shows ends usually with surfing over talent shows worldwide. It is not a very deep digging really. Still, YouTube allows you to travel the world and national shows virtually. If you do it rarely enough, you get the full package that delivers you maybe two, maybe three hours of fun. What is important to me, you get the whole package without any or only limited side stories.

My ‘smartphone’ is naturally recognizing my habits. After latest Facebook revelations nothing unexpected. So yesterday morning I was notified that Simon Cowell did it again on Britain’s GT. For those, who do not know, who the guy is – it is the one who pretty much invented the talent shows as we know them today. I watched the golden buzzer performance, he praised. It was nice, but for me nothing outstanding. Nevermind. But yet again I started to review all that happened since I did my last time check. As it was in the fall last year as most of the contests ended, with most of the seasons beginning now, not much happened in the meantime in the world of talent shows. At least, I thought it at first.

I watched some great performances. But still after many seasons, and the last year great Darcy Lynn’s (America’s GT 2017 winner) performances, none of them was fresh air. Somehow I got to Asia’s GT 2017 that closes relatively later than the other leading shows. At first, I watched a kind of weird audition. My feelings were mixed. A lady with a weird tick, not saying a word. Some kind of odd reactions by the jury, as well. But the comments by YouTubers indicated that the ticks are a part of the show and this one was actually the 2017 Asia GT winner. So I continued watching, and had real fun. Yet again. Below, all her performances compiled by Got Talent Global. Enjoy.

Sacred Riana, a magician and mentalist, Asia’ got talent 2017 winner

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