Yet again deprived of hours of work

Several weeks ago I discovered an easy-to-work-with film creator within the Windows – let us call it – petty update. Probably the first really useful creation for years coming from Microsoft in the field of photography. But today, after a long-lasting full update that for four hours deprived me last evening of access to my laptop, the full Pictures application had simply disappeared. Hours of work on a film project made of my New Zealand photos, with comments and timing adjusted to background music, just lost.

Thank you Microsoft guys of depriving me of long hours of my work. Yet again.

green ram card collection

Post Scriptum.

No guys, I will not use your technical support to try to restore it. This is the third time you messed fully with my computer in past 12 months. I do not know anymore how much work-hours I lost altogether on lost customizations I made, on slowing down my work by requiring multiple clicks, where in the past I needed only one or simply senseless changes like assuming that in an Excel sheet only an accountant counting up to one cent needs the three digit separator. Fifty, seventy or maybe even one hundred hours lost. I lost count long ago.

I remember how happy I was to first time use Windows. From software you had to remember all keys and all procedures, to something you were able to use after one night trials-and-errors. No instructions needed. A true cutting-age technology. Today, with each Windows update, I feel like being thrown into the eighties back again. The system lost on intelligence. Instead, you Microsoft brains invented for new constant looking for answers and long-read double-dutch instructions throwing us users into obsolete idea of much-time-and-effort-needed yet again.