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The long weekend in Brussels continues

As this time my work in Brussels extends over two weeks, it seemed to be a good idea to stay over the weekend in Belgium. After a beautiful Friday evening, it was yet again raining on Saturday morning. Only in the afternoon, the clouds started to disappear. Around 3.00 pm, I made the decision to continue with my original plan and go to Ghent. If you live in Brussels relatively close to the central metro line, you do not need much time to get to another city. The intercity trains are quite frequent, and public transport in bigger cities is well developed. Already at 4.30 pm, I was in the historic town of Ghent.

The historical city was crowded, and a party was going on at one of the central squares. The place is off-limits for private cars, but buses and trams cross all main streets. Once on foot, taking one or two stops by tram (line 1 or 4), I was moving around and taking photos for several hours. 

The historical city of Ghent (Belgium), yesterday. More photos to come …

Tired, I came back around 10 pm to Brussels with a plan to visit Antwerp on Sunday.

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