Some time ago, I was allowed to take photos at a place (it was in Paris) that was off-limits for any cameras. I used a simple argument – ‘if they (Korean travelers) can make selfies, why can’t I make some regular photos.’ I  think the French hosts were not able to make the Asian guests obey the rules. My argument was accepted. I was given a pardon for making discrete photos at one of Paris burlesque shows (>>>).

Yes, travelers from the Far East are fascinated by European heritage. They are keen to bring home pictures – it means selfies or other proofs that they were at those great Europen spots. Not that complaint. In Japan, I was doing the same, but the other way round. And South Korea is high on my bucket list …


Korean travelers take photos at the Grand Place in Bruxelles. Yes, I fully share the fascination. This is an absolutely magnificent looking main square in historical Europe. Today at a full glance after all of the renovation works.

At the Grand Place in Brussels this Monday evening, I was simply happy that on my I-do-not-any-more-which-stay-in-Brussels-in-row-this-was-list the Grand Place was at its full glance with all facades renovated and no hindrances spoiling the view. My photos are still in processing (I did many close-ups), so more shots are yet to come. Yes, I fully share the fascination shown by Asian travelers. Yes, the Grand Place of Bruxelles is the very great looking main square on the European continent!