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Royal Baths, Warsaw

Like many people the present day, I decided to suspend my travels for a while. It was not difficult because I have been working a lot recently. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone around me works online, I do either at home or in a cottage surrounded by forest an hour’s drive from the city. Sometimes I just have to show up for work, but it’s usually only a few hours of meetings in a reasonably small group of people once or twice a week. I think everyone missed everyday eye-to-eye contacts by now.

Still, I miss running around beautiful places with my camera. Taking the opportunity that I had to do something in the city and I had two more hours on the parking ticket, I went to take some photos of the Royal Baths. Royal Baths in Warsaw is a park in the very center of the city, with a small palace in the middle of a lake. In the late afternoon, when the sun is slowly going down, and the weather is beautiful, taking pictures is pure pleasure.

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