Not complete but still a photogenic one

The Gothic Cathedral of Beauvais, France

It was terrible heat. And, it was pleasantly cool inside this lofty Gothic cathedral. Something got me out. It was one of those days that I just did not feel like listening to the guide.

So, I left the cathedral and decided to just walk around it. The sun was very high. It could have been around noon, so photos from the front were not coming out. I tried my luck and decided to take pictures from the other side. As it turned out, after only a couple of minutes, it was not possible to walk around the cathedral. I came across a closed gate on the other side of the half-timbered house, which you can see in the photo. Behind this house – in the photo behind my back – there were steps leading down to a busy street. Looking for a perfect shot of the cathedral, I took the stairs down, crossed the street, and found a beautiful narrow street with well-preserved, maybe restored, half-timbered houses. The city suffered quite a lot during the bombings of World War II. But the buildings seemed to be originally historical ones. From the perspective of this street, I took several fantastic shots of the cathedral. I must have spent half an hour there. Coming back from my chronicler’s duty, I took this one. Just like by accident. Still, a beautiful view, is it not?

The cathedral in Beauvais in France, which you can see in the photo, was … never finished. Do not let this sight fool you. There is a Romanesque church on the other side of the cathedral. A tiny one compared to the huge Gothic structure. Someone wanted to convert a Romanesque church into a Gothic cathedral step by step, but he did not have enough funds. And today, it is half and half. A Gothic cathedral, or to be precise the apse, but no main nave, and a part of a Romanesque church that was to be replaced by the nave. To be frank, it is a fantastic place to learn to distinguish the Romanesque and the Gothic styles.