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A postcard from Berlin. The head of singing Dionysus

When you go to Berlin, it is Sunday (shops are not open), it is your first time in years in this city, your hotel is at a central location and the weather forecast says it will be raining, your first thought is to visit the famous Pergamon Museum.

So, my first steps today were to the Museum Isle. In fact, you have everything there – a couple of museums, the Dome and the Berlin Palace. As I bought my ticket to the Pergamon, I was informed that I have to wait more than two hours to be allowed there. With plenty time to spare, I made myself to make some photos of the Dome and the palace. But I did not mange to reach them.

Just round the corner, I noticed the entry to the Old Museum. It is not that popular with the tourist as the Pergamon, but the collection of ancient artifacts brought to Berlin by the German archaeologists is very impressive. On the photo above, ‘the head of singing Dionyses’, one of the numerous sculptures you may admire in the Greek collection. The Head of the Singing Dionysus is a marble sculpture that dates back to the 1st century BCE. It is believed to be a Roman copy of a Greek original and is thought to have been part of a larger statue depicting the god Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine, fertility, and theater.

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