The view. Riga’s National Opera building

Our stay in Riga was only 48 hours, of which most of the daytime was work. After we arrived, we had only a short margin of time to eat supper and walk around the streets of the historic town. The next day, we had been invited by our Latvian colleagues to a restaurant located vis a-vis Riga’s National Opera building. We spend there around three hours mostly talking about politics and history. It was to be expected with war and political turmoil close to our countries.

Riga’s National Opera

The view from the restaurant windows was close to this in the photo. During our stay, I probably had not more than five hours to take photos. This was on two evenings that are longer bright here because of Riga’s location in the North, and on one morning that, unfortunately, was a bit hazy. Still, the number of photos I have already passed through the processing (means did not delete, which is mostly the case) reached already forty. I did not leave the historic city, which you can cross in all directions within ten to fifteen minutes of walk. Some of my fellows spend one or two hours in a different location, bringing back beautiful photos, as well.

Riga’s historical city seems to be highly photogenic. This is because the city is well positioned against the sun’s movements, but it is also full of beautiful buildings in various styles. Riga’s historic old town has many narrow streets and a couple of high Gothic-style cathedrals or churches. If you want to photograph a cathedral entirely, you would have to do it from the inside of a building or by lying on the ground to cover the entire church on the photo. The same applies to many beautiful tenement houses or older buildings on narrow streets. So, unfortunately, I could not photograph all the beautiful objects I wanted to.