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A postcard from Sopot

Sopot. It always had some fleur of exclusivity. It is one of the most known resorts in Poland at the Baltic Sea. On this day, my niece (who you cannot see in the photos) was the priority. Still, the place is so photogenic that each of the views I shot, for which in practice was changing the angle, is perfect.

And to be frank, it was my first time at this place as I was there for pleasure. I am trying to remember the last time I was on the Baltic coast on vacation. It always was for work. I used to come to Sopot each year for a scientific conference on transport economics, and later I saw this place from far away on the sea while visiting the construction sites in the port of Gdańsk. No, I cannot remember any time being here just for fun and pleasure.

So, we walked alongside the shore and visited the famous pier. Before returning to our hotel, which was about a half-hour distance, we ate fish soup for lunch. Later in the afternoon we left for Gdańsk to eat supper in a restaurant that offers a view of the famous Gdańsk shipyard where the Solidarity movement had begun. An in the evening yet again we came to see the sea at dusk.

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