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Travelling North

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Last week was about travelling and some sightseeing (you cannot have both really when you change location almost every day). The idea was to go North from Warsaw to Helsinki (by train, coach and ferry) and back (by ferry and aircraft) travelling across five countries altogether.

Last Monday I took a train from Warsaw to Malbork (270 km) to join on Tuesday a sighseeing tour by coach around the Baltic countries. In Malbork, in the late afternoon I spent some time walking around the premises of the Malbork Castle. Tuesday by coach we made 580 km to Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania stopping in Trakai to take a walk around the Trakai Castle. Wendesday, we went on a tour around Vilnius, walked around its historic city, and made us on the way to Latvia. We spent the night in Bauska and on Thursday we arrived in Riga, the capital city of Latvia (300 km altogether). Yet again we drove around the city stopping twice to sightsee on foot. The night we spent already in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia making on the late afternoon more than 300 km. Friday was about sighsteeing Tallinn. On Saturday, early in the morning we boarded a ferry to Helsinki, the capital city of Finland (85 km). After the whole day spent in Helsinki we took a late ferry back to Tallinn. In Tallinn I left my fellows who made themselves on the way back to Poland. I stayed in Estonia till Monday afternoon coming back home by aircraft (930 km). As I do not have an app measuring the walking distance, I can only specualte on how many kms I made on foot when sigtseeing on spot. For sure, it was more than 75 kms altogether. How many photos I made? No idea. I lost count …

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