An evening in a Paris style cabaret

Paris is one of the cities where whenever you come in winter or in summer you have much to do. Much sightseeing indoors and outdoors at light-time. Partying at night-time. Belowe, some scenes seen on an evening in Lido, one of the Paris cabarets.

During our last stay there we saw two shows, one in Moulin Rouge and the other one in Lido. In Moulin Rouge there is a strict ban on making shots. Lido also prohibits photographing, but the rules are not as strict as in Moulin Rouge. I asked for a permission to make shots. So here it is, an evening show in a Paris cabaret in a small gallery of pictures.
















Lido delivers a great show, but it a bit lighter than that of Moulin Rouge, where besides great bodies and great costumes the show delivers two quite dangerous stunts and more acrobatics. In both cabarets the quests are served champagne (included in the ticket price). Although much nudity is shown, the shows are not too tough for teenagers.

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The Chopin afternoon in Warsaw

While traveling or simple spending time somewhere, it is sometimes those simple things often unexpected at all that make the difference.

Totally unplanned, while in Warsaw (Poland) heading to one of the royal palaces midst the city centre I found myself getting of an express bus as other people did. Just so. As a courtesy for an elderly lady the driver opened the doors at a stop not in his itinerary. Ultimately, I  did not reach the royal palace. As I got out, I heard it, the piano music all around. No idea how I made it, but I have simply forgotten that if on a Summer Sunday in Warsaw and in the city centre, this is the must-be place. For the next hour or so I found myself lying on a grass and listening to a piano concert. Simply catching the momentum.


Frederic Chopin statue in Warsaw Lazienki park

The music was by Frederic Chopin (1810-1849), the most distinctive Polish composer and artist ever. He is famous for his solo piano concerts. The music is one of the kind.

If I had to make a list of must-do things, while in Poland, going to a Chopin piano concert would be on it. The easiest way to do so is indeed in Summer in Warsaw, as each Sunday there are two open air concerts in the Lazienki park open for everybody. You come in, sit down wherever you want, and listen to music.

The major event around Chopin in Poland takes however place every five years in October in the premises of the Polish National Philharmonic. The next one will be held in 2020. The competition is broadcast on domestic TV and abroad. The participants come from all over the world and all of them are superior piano players. Basically all competition run-through are true masterpieces.

The open air Chopin concert in Warsaw Lazienki Park I listened to was held on Sunday, 30th July this year. The performer on that afternoon was Weronika Chodakowska, a Polish piano player.

I made a short recording during this concert. But to listen to this kind of music it is better to have better quality. Below a performance by Madame Chodakowska I found on Youtube from her another public concert in Warsaw. Just close your eyes and imagine it is Summer, the sun is shining, you sit on a soft carpet of grass in a great park and just catch the momentum.

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Between dreams and reality

Brussels is a meeting place for people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. On trips when it is not just fly-in fly-out the same day it is worth to ask around what to do in free time. A couple of months ago while in Brussels, a colleague of mine proposed to go to an art museum devoted to the Belgian surrealist René Magritte.

As surrealism is balancing between the unconscious and real, I cannot say I understood that what I so. But this winter I had an opportunity to listen to a series of lectures in psychology, and went through some obligatory stuff including texts by Sigmund Freud. A vital part of his work was devoted to understanding of that what is behind of our night-dreams. And why we associate with each other pictures that in real terms have nothing in common. With some exercise in games of that what is between dreams and reality, things got somehow more clear.

Below, photos I made that afternoon walking around the exhibition floors.

(Brussels, November 2016)

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