Rolls on beef. Truly Japanese

Going to a restaurant and ordering a dish that was originally invented in a foreign country you never know whether the recipe is the original one or you deal with some kind of a domestic variation.

Before we departed to Japan, I was always convinced that original Japanese rolls are served with raw or backed fish, other seafood or vegetables. Contrary, putting meat like chicken inside rice and seaweed I treated as an European invention.

…Till I ordered and tasted rolls with Japanese beef and kimchi midst of Tokyo.


True Japanese (served in Japan) rolls filled with meat.

According to the menu the ingredients to prepare the roll were: grilled beef, kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage), sangchu (lettuce), nori (seaweed) and rice, as well as the restaurants original sauce. 

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Cheese and ham sandwich, the French version

My previous post was about a delicious cheese and ham sandwich made of croissant and Spanish ham and cheese served as a quick snack in Madrid. Cheese and ham sandwich is nothing unusual, but this combination I tasted the first time (>>>). This one reminded me of another kind of cheese and ham sandwich that I ate a month earlier in Paris.

Croque Monsieur is a French kind of cheese and ham sandwich served backed or fried. Besides bread or other kind of bakery, it consists of boiled ham and cheese (preferably emmentaler) flavoured with salt and pepper. Croque Monsieur has also a female version – the Croque Madame that is Croque Monsieur topped with a fried egg. The ones on the photo I ate somewhere at Mont Martre. However its is not the only possible way to serve a croque. The only fixed thing is the base ingredients. ‘Croquer’ stands in English for ‘to crunch’.


Croque Madame


Croque Monsieur

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Cheese and ham sandwich?

Although, the single market made specialties originating in different parts in Europe easy available in other European countries, sometimes while travelling Europe we taste food combinations that makes one stop and wonder.

JMA_Museo_del_Jamon_02In all Western cultures a ham and cheese sandwich is nothing unusual. What is more, Spanish ham and cheese that tastes sweeter than other sorts made in Europe is easy available round the corner. Sweet bakery products similar to French croissants are nothing unusual, as well. But this year in Spain, it was the first time for me to eat a combination of all those three in one together with a small beer in a kind of fast food restaurant. Delicious. (on the photo: a croissant with Spanish ham and sweet cheese served in ‘Museo de Jamon’ in Madrid.)

Museo de Jamon. Madrid.

Museo de Jamon, a kind of Spanish fast food restaurant, where you are served bakery with Spanish ham and/or cheese, and beer. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer is available from tap. Photographed in the vicinity of Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

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