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Queen’s garden at the Windsor Castle, England, August 2015

A day at St. Pancras

Some time ago, as I realized that I was stuck on St. Pancras International for some hours, I was not worrying too much. St. Pancras is located near King’s Cross Station. As a Harry Potter fan, I wanted to use the occasion to look for the Platform 9 3/4, which I found by the way. But it also turned out that St. Pancras is quite a beautiful place to walk around, too.

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Inside the York Minster

York Minster is one of the largest Gothic Cathedrals in Europe. Its construction took over 250 years. The main works were completed in the late XVth century. Although huge and austere, its interiors seem to be very warm, with much light inside. The architecture inside is not coherent. It is a mixture of different architectural solutions and a variety of details, all of course within the Gothic style.

Taking a walk in the City of Westminster

London is a place where you can spend quite a lot of time, and still, you will not see all that is worth to see. So you have to compromise. This time we decided to take a slow walk in the City of Westminster, which is the very heart of London. It is the location of the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Westminster Palace (the seat of the UK Parliament) but also of famous Soho and China Town.

See the light, listen to silence

We arrived there on an early September morning. Autumn just began. It was full of light, warm sunlight flowing in through many windows. But it was still cold inside …

Other reads and photos

Platform 9 3/4 a year after

Once I had an idea to come home from Normandy through London, so I took a TGV train to Paris, spent there 24 hours, took the Eurostar train to London, and visited the Platform 9 3/4 boutique at Kings Cross to later catch a flight from Luton.

A guard change in the Windsor Castle

It is a real half an hour show and not merely a ‘guard change’. The guards are accompanied by a band. You can watch the full drill with loud shouts, listen to music, pop music …

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