On a ride in Southern Italy

In the last three days, I’ve been exploring Southern Italy. I took a high-speed train that crossed the Apennines, connecting Rome to Bari. Although only part of the route was indeed high-speed, the journey covered approximately 500 kilometers and lasted about four hours with a couple of stops.

I rented an apartment in Bari, with a plan to sightsee this city on Friday.

My plan for this week was first to visit my brother and my niece, who had been currently staying for almost two weeks in a smaller city west of Bari. Our plan was to rent a car and ride around the region together for those couple of days we met here. As I am a more experienced driver than him, I had to quickly learn how to get around Italian cities, villages, and highways by car, including parking in an Italian city, which, as I realized after three days, can be quite a challenge. Being independent of public transport, we decided to visit places that you wouldn’t typically see on a regular sightseeing trip to Italy. Yesterday, it was about a castle on a hill (photos are still coming).

Today, we visited Arbelobello. Alberobello is a unique and picturesque town located in the Apulia region of Southern Italy. It is renowned for its distinctive architecture, characterized by trulli, which are small, conical-shaped houses with stone roofs. These trulli are built using a prehistoric building technique and are made of local limestone.

Trulli in Arbelobello, Southern Italy.

On a ride in Southern Italy