Tsukiji Fish Market

Japanese like fish, fresh raw fish. In Japan there are also many processed fish products. It is common knowledge.

But even being well acquainted with modern logistics processes at first I did not understand how it works – the Tsukiji Fish Market, the biggest wholesale fish market in the world. Located in Japan not far from the most elegant parts of Tokyo. The place is extremely different from the adjacent quarters. There are plans to relocate it. But it could be difficult as the wholesale area is really very big, fully sheltered, with many traders inside, and it is surrounded by many retail shops, fish stands and restaurants. It opens in the early morning, and closes in the late morning hours, as the fish is dispatched to restaurants that would use it the same day.

We got there almost at its close, but there were still many people processing fish and other sea produce. Below some photo impressions.

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Taken on a Sunday morning in Ginza, one of the most elegant districts of Tokyo (located in the central Chuo ward). (Tokyo, Spring 2016)

The density of the world-wide recognized fashion houses represented in the area is very impressive. It seems that everybody wants to be present there. A square meter of land in the district’s center has been for years worth two digit amounts expressed in million yen (10 million yen is worth around eighty thousand EUR), making it one of the most expensive real estate markets in Japan. Currently quite high price increases are recorded as Tokyo prepares for 2020 Olympic games. The highest transaction deal reported lately by the Tokyo authorities was for 50 million yen per sq meter (around 390 thousand EUR, 450 thousand USD). The hike is not expected to last for long as experts indicate huge oversupply, but still the property business seems to be profitable.

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The lights of Shinjuku

At daylight it is a city of white collars, at nighttime – it is a place where people come to spend time, eat, drink and enjoy the nightlifeShinjuku, a district of Tokyo.

Below, just a few shots showing only streets in the centre of this impressive Tokyo district. But to say the truth, there are plenty more streets looking like that at nighttime. Nevertheless, Tokyo with its  over 9 million inhabitants, and the greater Tokyo area with over 35 million people is the biggest agglomeration in the world.


And one by one:













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