Walking the streets of Brussels

After a tempest the day before and a rainy morning, the Friday afternoon in Brussels was sunny and warm. After a two-hour visit to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur at Koekelberg (a Belgian answer to the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Paris, but unfortunately not that spectacular as the original), I made my way through the city centre starting at the royal palace and the Mont des Arts. I crossed the royal park on foot and later went with a tram alongside the royal route direction Schaerbeek. I wanted to see the church that I once caught on a photo standing at the royal park corner, but never had the time to visit it. I got out one tram top away from the church to make another distant shot. Yet again I took the tram, but seeing the church at close (and its vicinity that was not very inviting) I decided to make some window sightseeing from the tram. I finally got out somewhere in a southern part of Schaerbeek and went east to Josaphat. My choice, although fully intuitive, was good as the architecture there was typically Brussels like (as I know it from other parts of the city) and very photogenic.

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