Pierogi (Polish dumplings) belong to the top dishes of the Polish cuisine. If you visit Poland they should be on the must try list together with bigos (cabbage stew), żurek (sour rye soup >>>), schabowy (pork chop) and flaczki (chitlings). (The latter although their Polish version is quite a tasty one belong however to dishes that would not be touched by many people of some other cultures).


Pierogi, backed served with cream.

Pierogi is a kind of dumplings made of dough pockets (no leaven used) wrapped around a filling cooked in boiling water, backed or fried (on a pan with only little oil). The filling may be of different kinds like fruit, cottage cheese, sauerkraut with forest mushrooms, ground meat, etc. They may be eaten as appetizer, main course or desert. A portion you can see on the picture above would be sufficient for many as a main dish (so do not exaggerate when ordering).


Pierogi filled with sauerkraut cooked with forest mushrooms. In Poland they are often served during Christmas or sometimes Easter time as a fasting dish. Thus they are edible for a vegetarian. 

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