Seen last winter beyond the Polar Circle

It has been a couple of years since I saw much snow at home. Frosty days around minus 20 degrees Celsius happen from time to time. But high snow laying on streets for longer than a couple of days is no longer common. To feel winter in winter time you have to visit a mountain resort or go deeper North.

This year it was  flying over 2000 km North beyond the Polar Circle during the Polar night season.  At midday on a cloudless day you could have seen only some warm yellow light in the South. But it was it. No Sun over the horizon. Just twilight for five or six hours. The most of the day it was nighttime. But in the Full Moon above you it was different. It was bright, but still it was dark. Kind of a weird feeling. A wolf’s night. We saw dancing Polar Light ribbons only once. But for two or three days the dark blue or deep grey sky changed its colour to green. The nature all around us with deep fjord waters surrounded by mountains was tremendous but terrifying in the same time. A kind of severe place that for ages was minded by any civilisation and barely inhabited. Below some photo impressions seen around 70 degrees North this winter.

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