Between dreams and reality

Brussels is a meeting place for people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. On trips when it is not just fly-in fly-out the same day it is worth to ask around what to do in free time. A couple of months ago while in Brussels, a colleague of mine proposed to go to an art museum devoted to the Belgian surrealist René Magritte.

As surrealism is balancing between the unconscious and real, I cannot say I understood that what I so. But this winter I had an opportunity to listen to a series of lectures in psychology, and went through some obligatory stuff including texts by Sigmund Freud. A vital part of his work was devoted to understanding of that what is behind of our night-dreams. And why we associate with each other pictures that in real terms have nothing in common. With some exercise in games of that what is between dreams and reality, things got somehow more clear.

Below, photos I made that afternoon walking around the exhibition floors.

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