It is already two weeks since I returned home from another expert job in Brussels. It was not my first time as I visited Brussels in winter, but it was the first time as it was quite cold and it was raining for most of the week. Not the right conditions to enjoy taking photos at all.

Etterbeek is one of the Brussels municipalities. I choose this location for it allows me to reach on foot all EU buildings I usually need to visit. Etterbeek is located to the South from the Schumann plaza – the location of the main European Commission buildings. My assignment was this time on the opposite side of Etterbeek, more than a half-hour on foot from the Schumann.

Still, I decided to go out after work to take some photos. My plan was plain and simple – to take a walk from my apartment to the EU building, where I had my assignment and back. It usually takes me around fifteen minutes on foot. This time I needed around two hours there and back. It was late and cold, so there was not much traffic in the area and only a few people walking the streets. Perfect conditions to make a slow use of a tripod.

Unlike on my other stays in Brussels, this time I wanted to photograph the city as it is in a daily perspective, but not necessarily spots on a tourist must-see list. So here it is, Etterbeek as I see it on my way to work photographed at a late evening hour.