H I S T O R I C A L   N O T E S

Liberty Leading the People. A short recollection of historical events in revolutionary France  >>>  (a short list of events that led to abandoning for good the French monarchy inspired by the a painting by Delacroix)

The Great and the Controversial   >>>  (a historical note on Napoleon Bonaparte)

The Mulberry harbour  >>> (a historical note with a gallery of photos on military logistics after D-Day)

The missing link. Written in the Norman city of Rouen >>> (a comment on the origins of Norman culture)

Charlemagne, the King of Francs >>> (a historical note on Charlemagne)

Le Roi Soleil. A short note by the end of the Paris fashion week >>> (a note on Luis XIVth and his influence onto the fashion world)

The Benedictine rule >>>  (a note on Benedictines after a visit at the St. Michel monastery)

S I G H T S E E I N G   A N D   I M P R E S S I O N S

Waiting for the summer. Memories from Normandy  >>>  (a note with a photo gallery after visiting the beach of Etretat and the old port of Honfleur)

Travel memories on Good Friday  >>>   (a note after the visit in the Saint Thegonnec enclosure)

Sacre Coeur  >>>  (a photo gallery)

Vers la Gloire  >>>  (a note on a fresco of a horse charge in the Pantheon)

The Louvre  >>>   (a note after a visit with a photo gallery)

Mount St. Michel >>> (a note with photos after a visit at Mont St. Michel)

Enjoying the Notre Dame   >>>  (a note with photo impressions after a visit in Notre Dame of Paris)

Overcrowded  >>> (a note with photos on the overcrowding in places considered worth to visit)

More to come >>>  (a photo gallery of a show in Lido, a cabaret located at Champs Elysees)

Beauvais  >>> (a photo gallery)

A Sunday morning in Paris  >>>  (recalling the memories, while prepping for the next trip to Paris)

24 hours in Paris  >>>  (a photo gallery)

Bretagne >>> (a note and a photo gallery with first impressions of a journey to Bretagne)

Quiberon >>> (a photo gallery with pictures of rock formations on the Quiberon peninsula)

A handmade soap  >>>  (a comment)

The Eiffel Tour >>>  (a note on the Eiffel Tour, wrote originally 2016, but completed with new photos all around the tower after yet another visit in February 2017)