The unfinished … Cathedral of Beauvais

It looks very impressive when you approach it, especially if seen from the historical streets at its Northside. It is dominating the perspective. From far away, you can clearly see the enormous Gothic apse. And you cannot wait till you see how its whole structure is looking like. 

Waiting for the summer. Memories from Normandy

Longing for the Summer sun, I found photos made some time ago in Normandy, France The August heat was all around us. On that day, we found ourselves in the right place at the right time traveling and enjoying the summer. In closed town areas, the heat was unbearable. But we were on the Atlantic coast. From time to time, a fresh cool breeze was giving us some soothing comfort.

Eiffel Tower

One of the European icons. I would even risk saying, the most prominent one. It is visited by 7 million people yearly.

The Eiffel Tour was constructed for the 1889 Exposition Universelle that took place in Paris. It was designed and built by and under the supervision of Gustave Eiffel, a worldwide specialist in metal construction. Hence its name.

Notre Dame. A devastating moment to see

While inside, you might have thought it was eternal. And it is. But on Monday night it was a devastating moment to watch it burn.

Other reads and photos

Vers la glorie

Following our guide to the Pantheon crypts (Paris, France), I noticed a fresco of a battle. I am used to frescoes of earlier ages showing mythology or religious scenes. But a horse charge painted directly on a wall was a bit unusual. So, quickly, I made some shots. I almost lost our guide’s voice in my earpiece, thus not giving too much thought to it all I hurried downstairs to the crypts to join the others.

Le Roi Soleil

Luis XIV, the King of France (1638-1715) is one of the most prominent monarchs in European history. His reign lasted for over 70 years. Technically it was around 60 years as he inherited the throne at the age of 6. He was able to influence the French policies and social life for many centuries ahead

An evening in a Paris style cabaret

Paris is one of the cities where whenever you come in winter or in summer you have much to do. Much sightseeing indoors and outdoors at light-time. Partying at night-time. Below, some scenes we have seen on an evening in Lido, one of the Paris cabarets.

The Louvre

Louvre originally built as a fortress in the late XII century is a former seat of French kings and one of the most famous museums in Europe.

The last king, who used Louvre as a royal residence was Louis XIV. As he moved to Versailles in 1682 he left the Louvre envisaging it as a place to display the royal collection. The museum as such opened a century later in 1793 during the French Revolution as a consequence of a decree by National Assembly.