Obidos, as in medieval times

Obidos, a well preserved medieval city in Portugal

Imagine a village or a small town that is looking almost like in medieval times. There is no street lightening (only a few lamps installed on buildings), no satellite antennas, steep narrow streets plastered with small stones, no street signs, and only few movables outdoors (like cars) remind you of modern times. It is not a museum, and it is still inhabited. There is much greenery growing in between walls. Buildings are not refurbished at least from outside. The walls are white (if not refurbished: quite dirty), with only small strips of colour put on them.

You can see all of these in a small city of Obidos, a well-preserved example of medieval architecture located in Portugal (see map).

We visited this city in August. The Internet resources say however that in July for a time span of two weeks the city turns back medieval with additional decorations and entertainers dressed as in past times.

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