Dynamic but sophisticated

JMA_Flamenco_11On the second evening of our 48 hours stay in Madrid naturally, we visited a flamenco show offered in one of Madrid flamenco clubs (tablao), located in the vicinity of Puerta del Sol. No idea whether it is shows offered mostly to tourists or there are also locals visiting those clubs, but the club was full. The show lasted altogether around one hour. It involved five artists: a guitarist (tocaor), two singers (cantaores) – one lead and one backup, and two dancers (bailaores), who delivered a together dance and separate solos. All of them spent the majority of the show on stage, changing roles but busy almost the whole time. The show was a real team effort.

The show was filled with guitar music (toque), singing (cante), and various vocalizations (jaleo) and dance shows (baile). And not to forget the great foot and handwork by dancers and singers, that was a real sound art. What is interesting, much of the footwork (zapateo, shoe tapping) was done in a sitting position. The handwork involved hand clapping (palmas) and finger-snapping (pitos).

Inmaculada Aranda, Pedro Cordoba (dancers) and Chelo Pantoja (lead singer).

To be frank, I went there with a bit childish understanding of flamenco, as only a dance art where women are dancing in beautiful long red dresses, accompanied by male dancers wearing black costumes. And expected sounds of castanets. But I spent the evening enjoying art that was all in one dynamic, passionate, and very sophisticated as to the performing techniques involved. 


Guitar music, singing, dancing plus foot, and handwork. Real teamwork on stage. Below some other impressions of the show, although sounds would be better to understand it. (Unfortunately, any recording was prohibited by the club.)


Dynamic but sophisticated